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Sep 022015

In Memoriam ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve always wanted to create a memorial for Professor Tolkien, that would mark his passing from this world and I finally found the time to put one together that can be viewed and posted on September 2nd of each year!

“They’re going to the harbour beyond the White Towers. To the Grey Havens. They’re leaving Middle-earth. Never to return.”   JRR Tolkien read more

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Sep 042015

The Conceptual Art of Ralph McQuarrie

The mechanized villain of the Star Wars Saga Darth Vader was born from the hand of Ralph McQuarrie who breathed life into the Dark Side of the Force…

Sideshow Collectibles video about recreating the magic of these first images… read more

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Sep 042015

I need one of these… now!

It’s Force Friday and this just released Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy is just too good not to put in your stocking this year!

Your very own remote droid controlled by your phone! read more

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Sep 042015

Girl Power Cosplay!

Checkout this cosplayers reinterpretation of the armor of Sauron as a badass female character with a wicked plated Cuirass sure to have the heads of uruks spinning everywhere!

Ruling Gorgoroth with wicked intent! read more

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Sep 032015

A new Fantasy Series premiering on FX…

I have seen lots of TV spots and the trailers for the new series on FX called The Bastard Executioner, and I’m still not sure what it’s all about… but this new trailer short has piqued my interest!

The series premieres on September 15th! read more

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Sep 012015

An Artist with so much more to give…

Horror auteur Wes Craven passed away on Sunday August 30th, much to the shock and dismay of his fans, who feel this creative storyteller had so much more to share.

Here is an interview that gives insight into this incredible filmmaker. read more

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Sep 012015

And the Winner is…

You were asked what the theme of this years thirty-one days of Mordor Halloween Countdown should be and the voting has now come to an end!

So get out an old white sheet, cut out some eye holes, put it on and say BOO! read more

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Aug 302015

So Close, Yet So Far…

In this weeks Sneak Peek of Episode 102 of Fear the Walking Dead called ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ we see a scene in the school!

They are already scavenging for food? When civilization ends… it ends fast! read more

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Aug 302015

Rick Grimes couldn’t have done it better!

Composer Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey run from the Walking Dead in this new Player Piano video featuring guest violinist Eriko Tsuji and based on the theme by Bear McCreary

As John Hammond would say… “They spared no expense!” read more

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Aug 292015

A Walking Dead half hour special?

Apparently the creators of The Walking Dead are planning to air a special that takes place during the time period of Fear the Walking Dead and follows a group of passengers facing a walker attack on an airliner while in flight. Hmmm… OK…

This sounds familiar… Zombies on a Plane? read more

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Aug 282015

It was all about scale!

Take a look back at how Peter Jackson and his creative team combined some of the oldest tricks used in movie visual effects, along with the latest digital technology to make us believe in Middle-earth!

Creating a believable sense of scale for Hobbits, Dwarves and Men was essential. read more

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