May 062015

Part Two ~ Fire and Water upon the Long Lake

In this part of my review we will look at the beginning of this film, which differs from all of the previous Middle-earth films because it lacks a prologue!

In Part One of Mordor’s Review of The Hobbit: BFA, I gave a brief overview of the film. I touched on many areas of the film where I feel it succeeded and other areas was where I feel it failed. In Part Two of this review we are going to take a more detailed look at the 10 minute opening of the film. The death of Smaug! read more

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May 222015

Bolg Comes to the Hill of Sorcery in Mirkwood

The band of orcs riding hard upon their wargs cross over a ridge under the shadow of Mirkwood and before them stands the ruins of Dol Guldur upon the dark hill of Sorcery.

Bolg the mighty Uruk of Gundabad looks out upon this place of horror and darkness, grinning with yellowed fangs…

read more

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May 222015

Which Max survived the dome?

In the lasted edition of the Mordor Thunderdome, we set Max against Max in a post apocalyptic battle of epic proportions… one Road Warrior against another!

Two men enter… one man leaves!  read more

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May 222015

LEGO Dimensions – ‘Great Scott’ Live Action Trailer

In this new Trailer for LEGO Dimensions, we see the character of Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films played by Christopher Lloyd as he opens a secret box and is then sucked into LEGO Dimensions, where his LEGO Character meets none other than the Dark Lord of Mordor and Gandalf the Grey!

Checkout this fun new trailer for LEGO Dimensions… read more

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May 212015

A final bid to keep their family home!

The story of a young coupled struggling to save their cherished “hobbit house” from the bulldozers after planners deemed it had to be razed made headlines over the last two years, still continues!

Family makes last-ditch appeal to save Welsh ‘hobbit house’ from demolition! read more

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May 202015

Which one scares you the most?

The new Poltergeist just released a clip of the infamous clown scene… I thought I would also post a clip of the original, so you can compare the new one to the 1982 version…

There is just something scary as hell about clowns! read more

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May 192015

Last Day To Vote!

The Mordor Thunderdome has pitted Max against Max in a deadly Battle of wills and brute strength and it looks like Mel’s a Little madder than Tom!

If you haven’t yet, Vote Now in out Mordor Thunderdome Poll to the right… read more

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May 172015

Introduction by Richard Taylor!

Watch this Master Swordsmith in this new video just posted by Weta as he takes us step by step through the process of fashioning these beautifully crafted works of metalsmithing!

Peter Lyon has created some of the most iconic swords ever seen on film! read more

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May 172015

A New LOTR Cover!

The incomparable Peter Hollens creates another wonderful a cappella featuring The Lord of the The Rings song ‘In Dreams,’ which is one of my personal favorites from the LOTR Soundtrack.

The a cappella on this song must have been difficult! read more

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May 162015

The Minions take of The Hobbit!

You can’t take over the world without a dark army of minions… every evil character in fiction know this!

Funny Minion version of The Hobbit characters… even Smaug! read more

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May 152015

George Lucas Commissioned this work in the early 1980s!

Black Angel was intended to premiere with The Empire Strikes Back as a film short 1n 1982, but the original negative has been lost for over three decades until a print of the film was rediscovered in 2011.

Watch this dream like fantasy film that has been brought back to life after all of the years! read more

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May 142015

A Max divided against itself cannot stand!

With Mad Max on the loose again in the fourth installment of George Millers franchise Mad Max: Fury Road, I thought we had to drum up another Mordor Thunderdome pitting the old Max against the new Max!

Mel Gibson vs Tom Hardy! read more

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