Mar 312015

Bringing life out of death…

Weta Digital was asked to complete the sensitive and difficult task of filling in with a digitally rendered character played by actor Paul Walker in Furious 7

Creating a fully digital character for key important scenes… read more

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Mar 302015

Giving shape to the shapeless…

How do you give form to that which has been described as having no form, a bodiless spirit no longer able to take human shape… the concept artists working on The Hobbit took on this challenge and summoned the Necromancer!

Cool images of Sauron from The Hobbit Chronicles… read more

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Mar 292015

“Leaf by Niggle” J.R.R. Tolkien

The short film entitled Tree & Leaf tells the story of a painter, who fails to put the images in his head on to canvas. This film about creative work, explores the fear artists have of never finishing it.

I think all creative people can identify with this idea… read more

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Mar 272015

The Winner of the 1st Round of the Final Four?

The battle is now over and one Orc army is victorious as they raise their scimitars in a loud battle cry standing over the fallen bodies of the dead at their feet!

It’s now time to begin round two of the Final Four in the Mordor’s Thunderdome Orc Wars! Let the Bloody March Madness continue! read more

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Mar 262015

Remember getting the magazines!

The Lord of the Rings Fan Club license was held by the now defunct Decipher, Inc., known for it’s collectible gaming cards. They produced a bi-monthly magazine sent out to club members.

I still have all of my own copies! read more

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Mar 262015

Mordor March Madness Continues…

Today is the last day of voting in round one of the Final Four in the Mordor’s Thunderdome Orc Wars! The Uruks of Dol Guldur are in a fierce battle against the Orcs of Moria and the end is almost nigh!

“It’s your last chance to vote in the battle of the Hill of Sorcery Dol Guldur vs The Black Pit of Moria! read more

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